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Franz Kirschnek German Master Violins

Kirschnek 103MJ Violin
4/4 Hand polished with dominant Strings and Teku Chinrest

Kirschnek 109MJ Violin
4/4 Flammed, Hand varnished, Dominant Strings, Gamerius Model, Chin Rest, Violin Bow, Ferambuko Hand made oblong Violin Case   
Kirschnek 202MJ Violin
4/4 Finely flamed, hand varnished, with Dominant Strings, Chinrest, Gearnerius model, Violin Oblong Case, Wooden Handmade,  Violin Bow Fine Fermanbuko Stick


Franz Kirschnek’s family has been making string instruments for 130 years.

The workshop was established by Joseph Müller, born 1850 in Schönbach b.Eger, Bohemia, which at this time belonged to Austria.

Since the beginning in 1880 he was well known for his fine workmanship and best tone quality. Therefore he won various awards and even had the honour to exhibit his instruments at the world exhibition in Paris in the year 1900. His label was "Joseph Müller, Schönbach b. Eger i. Böhm."

In 1933 his grandson-in-law, Franz Kirschnek, re-stablished the current violin making workshop.

FRANZ KIRSCHNEK violins are handcrafted, hand varnished and are the most suitable for orchestra and concert players.

In honour to Franz Kirschnek’s very old family tradition, their instruments are entirely made in Germany. He uses only selected old seasoned tonewood for a high quality of tone

Please visit Danny Ryan Music private playing rooms to try the excellent clear, mellow tone in this good sounding handcraft German instrument.